Frequently Asked Questions


What age do you teach?

We teach students as young as 3 years old! and we have taught students as old as 80 years old.

Can I start lessons with you if I am a complete beginner with no experience?

Absolutely! No experience necessary!

We teach complete beginners at any age, to intermediate and advanced students, preparing them for competitions and auditions.

Do you teach chords and strumming?

No, we use finger-picking style, note and rhythm reading, giving you a solid foundation and understanding of music. In the future once learning this, the student is flexible to read music and resume any style!

Do online lessons work?

Yes they do!

We started teaching online even before the pandemic hit and it is wonderful. If you have good internet connection, organized with your music, metronome and notebooks ready – you are all set!

Pricing & Payments

Do you offer a family discount?

Yes, we do! Please inquire when signing up.

Do you offer a referral discount?

Yes! One free lesson for every referral that has signed up.

Can I withdraw from lessons?

Yes, we require a month notice.

Can I do a partner or group lesson?

Unfortunately, those lessons don’t work as well because every individual has a different learning process and when sharing your time with someone else, neither of you will get the full benefit of the individualized plan we have for each.

Mia and Jorge approach their teaching with the same passion and brilliance they bring to their guitar performance. As an adult student, I especially appreciate the way Mia involves me in the process of learning guitar. She assigns me pieces that suit my taste and that build on my developing and acquired skills, teaches the new techniques, and then lets me work out the rest myself, at least initially. She also teaches the basic theory that underlies the structure of each piece. I also appreciate the opportunities to practice and perform with other adult students through the Federal Hill Guitar Studio performance classes and recitals. Working with other adults who have taken on this challenge inspires me and motivates me to practice and improve.

– E